Monday, August 27, 2012

Jurassic Park is a Paleo Buffet.

As a new member of many who are experimenting with the Paleo diet, I have some advice for you.  Do not leave the Doctor's office without an actual Caveman who will shadow you during your first week.  Each time the feeling of gut-wrenching hunger overtakes you, you'll need him to actually hunt and gather the next morsel that passes your lips.  Why? Because you will be too weak and distraught from lack of starchy carbs to use the side of your brain that actually communicates with your ambulatory body parts.
2 weeks of fat loss between us.

As a victim of a Big Red abduction after a lovely lunch on the patio of a favorite summer dining establishment, I found myself in a waiting room (My energy level is at the point I may be hallucinating - I first wrote "weighting" room - this is no joke).  Okay, moving on. After filling out a five page dossier in a near honest manor on my levels of eating, drinking, health, and exercising habits, I was rewarded with a B-12 cocktail shot in the derrière.

So now you're wondering why I went along with this, since I clearly had not calendared in to restructure the chemistry of my body for a fad diet on this particular day.  Well I asked Big Red the same. Her answer, "You know I can't do anything without you." That does it. The next stop is a Shrink, because from what I understand Codependency, although cute, could be borderline psychotic.

6 weeks of Paleo and now at Blondie's wedding.
Wearing the same dress, but that is not the
codependency I swear.