Sunday, March 11, 2012

Making CABO a Better Place for Everyone to Visit. We are Givers.

Cabo at 50 is a lot like it was at 40, except for the part where everything in my bathing suit has dropped an inch or two; and my ability to remain in the vertical position much past 9:30 p.m. is pretty much up to anyone who wants to prop me up and staple my hair to the wall.

(This is Patron Love between New Mexico and Big Red)

I must say my staying power outlasted that of Big Red on a particular evening when she made it all the way to the ripe hour of 4:30 p.m. before a 15-hour retirement from consciousness. We were iffy on letting her nap, because when she exited the SUV - much to all of our surprise - she had once again attempted the art of flight which landed her pretty much splayed out on the garage floor. This happened so swiftly we weren't sure whether or not she landed on her head, which would be a NO NO for a nap. However after careful inspection it was clear her entire right side of her body reached out to save her noggin from any further damage she could have possibly done that day.

(BFF Patron love in her own way)

This is possibly due to the long, arduous hours we put in at The Office. Upon our arrival Diva, New Mexico, Ginger, BFF, and Big Red decided that while in Mexico they should partake in the Margarita ritual. Well your Super Hero here who is fully aware of the number of calories bobbing around in the pool of said sweet bliss, decided the smarter order would be a shot of Patron Silver and a beer back. I could get the same rotted-gut buzz without sacrificing on actual edible-type calories for the day.

Now, even though it was not lost on the remainder of the aforementioned crew that they were swilling a beverage with three shots of Tequila already packed into their afternoon Mexican Punch - they thought it unfair that I partake in a shot all by myself. So shots for everyone!!!!

(Ginger is very Happy with her choice.)

At this point the waiter decided he should make it clear that each shot had an extremely high price tag. But like most of the world, after swimming in the hooch for a couple of hours, there is no one smarter, funnier, and apparently no one with bigger check books than our bevy of borrachas.

I think it important that I mention how our visit to Cabo also created a better vacation spot for every other future visitor. We are directly responsible for the dramatic reduction in the mosquito population in the region. Between the six of us we were hit pretty hard with an army of these little blood suckers. And we may have left with a few red bumps, but those pestering buggers all died of liver failure. Yep. We just want to know when we should fly back for our Humanitarian Award. Lay it on US.