Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Self Deprecation sometimes has an Accomplice in the form of a Devil Teen

At my ripe old age I learn daily that training to be a super hero isn't just physical. The mental beating we take while learning about our ego is resounding.  All you need is a teenager in your home to make sure you never feel secure or safe in your own skin.

Why? You say. Well here's why - I say.  For instance, my teen has an iPhone of her very own, yet she is inordinately fascinated with mine. If I leave it for a second or more  - it is immediately in her clutches. I never know what has changed on it while out of my possession, but I rest assured something has, once it is back with its rightful owner.
Devil Teen

With that said, as I was enjoying lunch yesterday with Big Red and discussing our plans for an upcoming event with a group of folks while reading responses on my email from them - Big Red asks, "what were those little emoticons behind 'Casper's" name on his email address from the blast email you sent out?"  Okay, so first I must explain Casper is new to the Super Hero scene and can't be categorized in the BF department at this point. I think an appropriate way to put it is -  we are both still interning for the BF and GF positions. Or at this point I might say "were" interning.
Princess Teen

So as someone who rarely is paying much attention to Big Red and usually tuning her out while I'm entranced in whatever is striking my fancy at the moment - I suddenly lift my head and slowly turn towards her with my full, undivided attention - and say what anyone with a semi-extensive vocabulary would say: "Hu?"

She said, "You know those little hearts behind Casper's email address?" Now,  Big Red describes the major organ in my body as a cold, black heart.  I must tell you, the sound of said organ falling to the floor creating a near earthquake by the impact, was enough to drain all the blood out of my face.

I immediately grab my iPhone and start looking through my contact list.  The cute little teenager of mine, who I used to refer to as Princess,  has carefully placed emoticons next to a variety of contacts which apparently show up in their email addresses.  So, remember when I said Casper and I were interning for a future position?  Well  now I'm pretty sure the Intern gig is up and my label is the psycho-middle-aged freak who uses emoticons to amuse herself.

Even better is, since my little Princess and Big Red have a continuing battle as to which of them should receive the majority of my attention, the Princess gave Big Red's contact page a face lift with bright red devil-faced emoticons.  I've got to say this kid has a sense of humor.  It's a shame she will be sharing it with only her four walls of her room the rest of the summer.