Monday, August 29, 2011

It's rubber but not the USC namesake kind.

Sometimes I have no words. You tell me, when I post a picture like this - will you actually retain anything in written communication?

Just when you were wondering if the Universe still has a sense of humor, a big large, shiny, wrapped rubber package lands right at your watering hole to remind you - Yes a sense of humor is abundant in our cosmos. And he could have possibly been a figment of my Cosmotini-induced fog, however, he was smiling right back at Big Red and me.

So when I decided a couple of weeks ago that I may be ready for the dating game again, this is what the Universe sets right smack dab in front of me. As a Super Hero in training, Ive learned many things - and as it turns out, Rubber Man is my Kryptonite.

Who knows, maybe he has an affinity for scuba diving. Looking for the positive people.

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