Monday, October 28, 2013

Go Out and Save a Face Today

This unfathomable trend of men growing weeds on their face just to prove they can, has become exhausting. You see it everywhere, baseball, football, bowling (well, I guess it has always had a presence in bowling). And I'm not even going down the route of duck hunting. These are the men you expect it from. It's cold when you're all alone out in the wilderness. It also gives them something else to stroke with their free hand.

I have news for those who find it a recreational sport to randomly decide to challenge father time with the wicked speed at which they may be able to camouflage their pie hole.  And do you know what that news is? You will enjoy a lot more alone time. If you're tired of your companion - now is the time to get that facial construction started. She'll leave after she awakes with pus oozing from her ulcerated, reddened dermis.
Bad example, cuz all
women want him.

I may or may not know this from my own experience.  It certainly hasn't been from recent experience, but this fashion direction has brought back horrid memories for me from a few years back. Remember the "two-day shadowed scruff" look? Yeah - nobody needs a human exfoliator. I now feel the need to reach out to those who may become victims of such. If I save just one face, this blog has been worth it.

Now, for those women who have been threatened by your loved one with a thought that he may take on this dastardly challenge - I advise the following response:  Oh that's great baby.  If we're going to relinquish grooming routines around here, then I can demolish the runway and commence reforestation.   Who doesn't want to save the rain forest?

This Super Hero work is endless!!!


  1. welcome back, funny girl.

  2. Sometimes it's just a necessity. I know what is under this!

    1. Well Dave. You're not really the trend. You've donned your facial fur for quite some time now. It has to be soft by now.