Friday, July 15, 2011

Big Red will call anyone a "Dumbass"

Listen, I've been harping on the virtues of muscle building and fat burning for 19 months now; and sure I've made fun of how IQs can degenerate as muscle mass increases. But it just takes one encounter with Mr. Muscle Mass to bring that theory home. Let's just get to the point. Big Red and I met former Raiders Linebacker Rod Martin five times in the span of an hour one night. I realize how absurd that sounds, like perhaps, we were stalking him? Well no more than any of the other NFL greats who were there.

When Martin introduced himself the first time, I regaled him with the story of my High School boyfriend challenging me to memorize the starting lineup of the Oakland Raiders. I was so proud to have accomplished this feat until I learned my prize was a trip to Oakland to see the lineup in person. I recall asking if I could just have hundred bucks instead.

Anyway, apparently there are some short-term memory issues with Mr. Martin. We can only deduce this from the fact he approached us four more times inside a 40 minute time period with his hand held out - "Hi, I'm Rod Martin." At which point Big Red made him feel very at home with a "Hey Dumbass, we know." I politely responded with yes, we've gone over this a few times now. His response, "You know, I have suffered a few concussions." Nooooooooo. So I figured maybe this time when I asked to try on his Super Bowl ring, he'd forget that too. Nope. It is clear his ring is more memorable than I am. Whatever.

Now for those Rod Martin fans out there, I want you to know, his short-term memory loss seems to only be a nuisance at cocktail hour. I know this because the following morning at the first sighting of us, he maneuvered through the tables in record speed (envision this in slow motion-and if he still had hair it would be flowing backward) with open arms; at which point I extended my right hand out and said, "Hi, I'm Rod Martin."

I think the moral of this story is to keep working out, but not for any activity that could hinder your ability to socialize at a cocktail party. No, just do it so you can fit into your pants. When NIKE starts using that mantra - we want royalties.


  1. I have to shout out to Rod Martin. You know I love you man. If I didn't, I wouldn't mention you.

  2. I wonder if he remembered me? =/

  3. i can remember "Big Red" telling some people that i was not as dumb as i sounded. some things never change.

  4. Dear Anonymous.... I remember that! And I remember apologizing in very imaginative ways... BR

  5. the apology was well accepted.