Monday, October 3, 2011

Big Red is nothing, if not consistent.

As you all know I took a little time off from the drama of dating to focus on... something. I don't know what. As you can see I'm sharply in-tune now. However, it has been a point of contempt for Big Red, because she just couldn't believe I could just throw in the towel. She thought I had lost my mind. She'd say, "Well I still believe in love." And I don't doubt that, because she married and divorced the same man twice. Hey, when you poke yourself in the eye, don't you repeat the process just to make sure it was THAT needle that provoked the injury?

Anyway, 365 days has come and gone, and I put on my big girl britches and accepted a "date." When I broke the news to Big Red, you should have seen her face. Well it actually looked exactly the same as it did moments before, but I blame that on her recent trip to the facial filler specialist.

However, if she could have moved her face it might have resembled that of a baby who just lost her pacifier, or in her case lost her new Victoria Secret boob job. She couldn't whip her phone out fast enough to check the calendar. Her words, "Wooah, wait, when? Because I know you're really busy. I'm not sure you have time." What I do love about BR is at least she's consistently unsupportive, whether I'm dating or I'm not. As you can see from the photo, she's handling it very well.

Oh and the date went off without a hitch in my giddy-up last night, and I attribute that to Big Red's global position of approximately 450 miles away from any restaurant in Northern Nevada.

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