Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The most difficult part of Super Hero training is learning to fly

I think I'm finally over my fascination with my rib cage. Now I want to lie flat on my back with a ruler across my hip bones without it balancing like a teeter totter on the junk in between. Hey, a gal's got to have goals. I think we've all established that I'm not real cerebral.

I explained last week how my trainer had me in a plank position with one leg off the ground for - I don't know, a week - alright 30 seconds. For you non-plankers, you should know this is a very submissive position where you are perpendicular to the floor - face down - and supported only by your forearms and toes, so your back is in a straight, plank-like position and you hold it for 60 seconds. So you can see that perhaps lifting one leg off the ground might make this a little more difficult.

Well I've got news for you - that was nothing. This week Mr. Trainer decided I should get in a plank with one leg off the ground and the opposite arm straight out in a Super Man flying position. It was at this point when I questioned if he could possibly figure out a difficulty level one notch up from this - and that was when I remembered, yes this could be done with no arms and legs. I know this because my BFF Be-Be mastered this position just last year.

She had not informed us she had been practicing this trick, so you can imagine our surprise when she was walking toward us and suddenly she was splayed out in full Super Man flying formation. I was very impressed, however, I don't think she held that position off the ground for very long. I think recovery from that little trick takes a while, because once she hit the ground she stayed down for a little while.

She realized she had made only one mistake when performing this very advanced maneuver - she should have put her phone and purse down, because those items did go flying off in different directions.

It saddens me to say - I will never be able to reach her level of expertise. I know you should never say never, but I want her to bask in the spotlight on this one. As it turns out, she beat me to Super Hero status.

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