Thursday, June 10, 2010

So ever since the whole Cabo trip came and went I had lost my Super Hero motivation. I've been acting like someone who's trying out for the role of a Hollywood producer's girlfriend, (but without the drugs). Hey, I'm not opposed to drugs, but I just don't have the money I had in college to afford that lifestyle anymore. J/K mom. ;] - all that money went to books, I swear.

I've maintained a 3-day a week workout and have played more golf (in a cart); and the dinners, lots of dinners, and WINE. You'd think with my 30-year high school reunion approaching next month I'd be busting out my old ditto jeans and dolphin shorts to prove, I don't know, that I'm the only freak still in possession of such items. I don't really have them, but I'm sure if I tried hard enough on e-bay I could score some.

Hollywood hasn't called yet, and the women's PGA is, I'm sure, watching me via satellite, but Nothing. Maybe they'd look more closely if I actually knew the name of the association, which is the LPGA. It's this kind of dedication to my craft that gets me everything I deserve.

So, in the form of fashion, my motivation showed up. My Batmobile friend has decided to rid herself of all her golf skirts/skorts. She said, "Hey Sean, you're a size 4 to 6, right?" I thought to myself, ehhh, more like a 6 to 8, but the smart side of my brain (very small portion) said, "You're damn straight I am." Then quietly to myself, I said, "or I will be, and quicker than a newly released prisoner at a whorehouse."

So I sprang out of bed today and headed to the gym for an hour-and-a-half workout. I've eaten a lean slice of chicken, watermelon and an apple. The remainder of the day will include, water, water, celery, water, fish, 2 leaves of lettuce and some other crappy food. Who knew? Cute golf skirts are my new motivation. Have you seen how expensive these articles of clothing are? I think the LPGA was created by a golf wear designer who wanted to make some real money.


  1. Here you can still fit into a size 5, right?


    Also...about the reunion? No, I'm not going to make it. I have been planning on running in the SF 1/2 Marathon that is the same weekend. I wasn't paying attention to the dates. I looked into flying to Reno for Friday night, then down to SF on Saturday morning, but it was just too much :-(

    I'd love to come up and see you though. We need to plan something!

  2. Love it, by the way your polka dot bikini at 48 rocks!

  3. Alice. If anyone could find these items, it'd be you. And Red Dolphin shorts - no less - Wooster colors.

    Hey thanks Anonymous. The very small picture helps the polka-dots look - not so big.

  4. I think I owned those dolphin shorts in college. Darn, if I'd known they'd be worth $14 on eBay one day, I'd have kept 'em