Thursday, June 17, 2010

My pheromones are screaming for attention.

When you actually wake up at 6-ish and get to the gym by 6:40-ish, there's a whole new world of people at the gym. These must be the dedicated people - not a group with whom I have much in common.

However, this a.m., I joined my BFF and trainer-guy for a half-hour workout before my 45 minutes of stairs. And what do you know, one of these new folks who seems to know trainer-guy well - stopped to chat it up with him while I was standing on one leg with a gazillion pound weight hanging from one arm.

Then surprisingly enough to me this new guy says, "you smell good." Well, he might have actually said "someone over here smells good." (Let's not forget, these events are all things that happen in MY mind.) So naturally, I modestly said, well I'm sure it isn't me. Even though deep down inside I'm thinking "hey, I've still got it." My pheromones are on point. I did a little victory dance in my head. It was either my pheromones or the smell of Cinnamon Dulce latte seeping from my pores.

It had to be me he was getting a whiff of, because after careful deduction of the fact that my BFF is a married mother of a 5-year old -- I know her pheromones shut down around -- well let's look at it this way -- she was married either July 25th or 26th 2008, so her pheromones shut down the following day.

Wait, back that truck up. I'm mistaken. She started seeing her pheromones in her rear view mirror on her wedding day, because - I'm not sure about you, but I don't think she was buying tampons at the corner market in Napa on her wedding day because there was some great special going on.

Did I mention, that during this blogging experience, I have had a drop in actual friends? But I'm up to a total of seven followers now!

You know, I've kind of lost my train of thought now after squealing on my friend the way I did, so I'm signing off to practice my begging for forgiveness pose, whatever that is.

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  1. ha!!! I knew it was you that had the great smell!! loved it