Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm getting stupider - so weight training must be paying off

I'm beginning to believe in the theory of the brain versus brawn. I think I'm getting stupider. Just messing with you, I'm actually not muscular enough to even say stupider with a straight face - yet. I'm a tweener at this point. I really have never been a brainiac (if that is a made-up word - I'm okay with it)-nor a brawniac (totally made-up word).

So as you can see, I have clearly lost some I.Q. points which have been replaced with muscle tissue. Now let's not kid ourselves, we all know I don't have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to the Intelligence Quotient.

Before I go any further down this road I have to do a shout out to my gym-compadres, because I can't afford to lose anymore friends due to my antics in this blog. Okay boys at American Iron gym- you know I love you, but you do realize those girls aren't paying attention to you for your thoughts on molecular fusion, right?

So anyway this is how far I've sunk in I.Q. I actually started listening to these guys when they suggest I train for an event; or worse a fitness magazine photo shoot. They drag me to the Wall-of-Fame at the gym which has hundreds of photos I choose to not look at everyday, because none of those people on that wall have the slightest resemblance to anything attached to my head -(you know? The head that used to house a brain).

So the now dumbed-up version of me starts thinking - that would be so cool at my age to do a photo shoot; and then something snaps me back into reality. I don't know what, probably the arthritis in my left finger - cuz I'm freakin old.

So I say, um guys - that's so sweet of you to think I could actually pull that off - so I promise you, when I die and come back reincarnated as a 20-something hard bodied, oily fitness guru - I will gladly paste my assets all over that wall. But while I'm sporting this barnacle-ridden, sun damaged, stretched-out baby incubator body, I'm going to have to take a pass.

Then they said the cutest thing. Oh no worries, we have a great photographer who knows how to shoot in just the right light and with photo shop and airbrushing you too can look that good. So after all, who am I to say they aren't the best and the brightest? God love 'em. I can never leave that gym now.


  1. Gym boys...pretty...

    Be careful...I ended up running a marathon with just that kind of listening to people who said, "oh, you could train for it...NO PROBLEM! (well...maybe without the photoshop aspect of it).

    Thanks for the laugh today...sorely needed!

    You do look great!

  2. you have no choice but to stay with us. we like to entertain you.

  3. Wow, I forgot I signed up on a year ago.
    It's holly we met at super-bowl party this past sunday. The short blonde (wearing hat) I came with my friend Max. I had such a fun conversation with you that day, you're as witty as you are pretty.
    Thank you very much for the enjoyable laughter filled reading for the last hour... its 2 am. As much as I want to keep reading, sleep is essential, unfortunately. I will give you a call tomorrow re: Nampa Sonoma @ 4pm
    Take Care, holly

  4. Thanks for the kind words Holly. Of course I remember you. We are meeting at 4:30 today at Napa if you can make. I look forward to seeing you.