Sunday, September 5, 2010

Today I morphed into a horse.

My gym is a breeding ground for fitness geeks. The patrons there train for Iron Man, Strong Man, body building, and anything else you can think of that requires your body mass to resemble that of Twisted-cold-blue steel. These guys are not messing around. They pull trucks, planes, and tractors, which I really don't understand, because all those things are equipped with perfectly good engines.

So now, after I've spent countless hours in their play land with their play toys, my trainer has decided I should start using the big boy equipment. Today we started out with me pulling a sleigh - I guess that's a step up from pulling a train if you get my drift. Yeah that's a whole other blog I'm thinking about writing. Not that I've ever pulled a train mind you - oh and not that I'm even considering it - there just - well, never mind. Another day.

In order to pull said "sleigh," I must strap into a harness, yes - much like a Clydesdale pulling the Budweiser truck. And the harness is hitched to a flat piece of metal with copious amounts of weights. The only thing separating me from the Clydesdales is - there is no arena, no cheering fans, and I can't freely urinate or sniff anyone's butt in front of me. Other than that it's about the same.

If I don't get the Super Hero gig, I guess there may be a space for me behind a Big Ass Horse.