Thursday, September 30, 2010

There's more of me to love after a 2-day trip to Vegas

I have spent two days in Vegas eating and drinking everything presented to me. Yes people present to me because "in my mind" I'm like royalty. I grew up believing I was part of the Kennedy family because my mother seemed to know every detail of their lives as if she had breast-fed John-John herself. Therefore, yes I'm American Royalty.

So back to what I ate - I think EVERYTHING sums it up. My exercise included riding up and down escalators as well as several elevators. I'd have taken the stairs but I paid for wheels on my suitcase - so I felt compelled to use them.

I walked to and from the car at Valet parking and at four different restaurants. I did sweat but it was more a condition of the heat- over 100 degrees - Oh and when that cop's sirens went off behind me. That was a false alarm because he was actually after the guy with lawn equipment falling out of the back of his truck. Phew wee. Lucky for me because I'm sure he would have frowned upon the roadie I had in the cup holder next to me.

Just kidding it was half a bottle of leftover wine from the restaurant that I snagged from the table next to us. They seemed to enjoy it during their dinner- so I hated to see it left behind. No not really - someone I know actually bought it - maybe. I will go to the gym tomorrow and spend at least 2 hours as if in a confessional.

So the only life I saved while I was in Vegas was that of a toothless meth addict (that may be redundant, because aren't they all toothless?) who was standing in the middle of main street after I was driving away from a Mexican restaurant. I saved her by swerving out of the way before my car plowed into her as she was walking straight toward me in the middle of the street. I feel pretty good about the trip now. A life was saved - so all was not lost - except her poor teeth.

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  1. other words, it was a successful Vegas trip?