Friday, March 19, 2010

My first date with my new Irons

Aside from cardio and weight training I do actually get outside and play my hand, leg, and foot in a game of golf. For me it isn't actually a game, because I don't keep score and if you don't keep score nobody really takes you seriously. And why should golf be different from any other facet of my life?

I played 9 holes in the wind recently with my brand spanking new Callaway irons, which everyone knows I have, because between this blog, Facebook and Twitter, I literally have no secrets.

I keep thinking with all these outlets I'm probably keeping a really good therapist out of what might be fairly lucrative employment. Of course, with my luck I'd get one of the therapists who's dating my ex. I'm not talking about my ex-husband. My ex-husband is fine. As a matter of fact he's probably never been more sane since we parted ways.

Anyway, someone asked how I played with my new irons. I'm here to tell you it was much like a first date. The irons are great to look at - all shiny and new - and I could tell they wanted to please me, but not be too subservient. As with many first dates we had a lot of awkward pauses, like when the Sand wedge wanted to linger in the Sand trap too long. There were little moments such as that, which I'm sure one day, we'll look back on and have a chuckle. I can only hope the second date goes a little smoother. I did promise I would call. I'm giving it the appropriate 3-5 day rule. I don't want to seem too desperate.


  1. Someone once told me I don't know how to laugh at myself, so I'm totally showing everyone how insane I truly am - and I swear I never want to get better.