Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This body is too old to be mine.

Yeah I said it. This body is way too old for me. As I sit here, I'm waiting for my recall letter. I believe my U.S. mother (as opposed to my Aborigine mom from previous blog) said I was "created" in Gulf Port, Louisiana. So any chance of getting my extra body parts was washed away with Hurricane Katrina. My extras became fish food at that point.

You know, this could explain the rise in shark attacks on humans. They've had a little taste and then became Super Hero part fiends. They're addicted - so they figure all humans have the Super Hero high associated with them.

Anyway my right hip hurts. I realize that was a round-about way to get to the point. But when you lay in bed in agony your mind starts on this long journey and you just can't throw down the road spikes to stop it.

Okay, back to me. I have no idea what happened. I've been diligent this month at the gym 5 days a week doing cardio and weight training. Every other day I did 150 squats (60 with weights and 90 without). Yesterday I was on the stairs for 40 minutes and only worked with weights for my arms. I did no legs. Suddenly around noon yesterday my right hip started screaming at me. Sleep escaped me because I could find no position to relieve the pain, until I finally elevated the right hip and that seemed to help.

My trainer will be so disappointed this morning that he can't torture me. I'm going to tell him that Hannibal Lecter, no wait, that guy eats people. I'm going to tell him that Lex Luthor and his Kryptonite has struck once again. This Super Hero is still waiting for her recall letter. On another note, if any of you have a clue what "human" ailment could explain this, I'd be happy to hear it.


  1. I tore my IT Band (the muscle that runs from your the outside of your glutes to your knee) last winter and it hurt like a mutha... and then of course, because I am in complete denial that this body is ALSO too old to be mine, I ran a 1/2 marathon with a sore hip...and then I did this...

    So, what I would say is that it sound like your IT band. The best thing is ice and heat and rest and gentle stretching (and then more ice), but I'm never smart enough to listen to my own advice.

    When I went to the physical therapist, he ended up having me do more strength training for the glutes, so it would take the pressure off of the ITB.

    Who knew that a weak-ass would end up hurting my hip?

  2. Hey thanks for the perspective and I believe you're right on. My trainer had me roll on one of those foam tubes and it hurt like hell to do so and he said it's your IT. I had no idea I had an IT. But after two days of that, I can sleep at night without problem and it's not an excruciating pain any longer. Just kind of know it's there.