Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chuck Yeager yelled at me

So after the kickboxing caper yesterday, I met with a couple of friends for lunch at Harrah's Steakhouse. I had Parmesan crusted chicken breast, broccoli and yes, a glass of Rombauer Chardonnay. Hello, I'm at Harrah's on a Friday.

Now on to the evening. I met a friend a the Grill (my personal favorite watering hole - in Reno). I experienced two lovely glasses of Champagne. Now in case you don't know, Champagne is a good choice because it is a smaller pour and fewer calories, blah, blah, blah.

So after the second lovely glass of Champagne, the bartender informs me that "Mr. Politician" would like to buy me a drink. Well... What am I going to say? Oh no thank you "Mr. Politician," because I'm doing this whole new thing where I'm going to be a Super Hero and this probably wouldn't be conducive to my goals.

I believe my exact words were, "Hit me." Now "Mr. Politician" was all the way on the other side of the room and, I really needed to thank him but I was surrounded by a sea of people (maybe 5), so I gave him a wave and a nod and unbeknownst to everyone else, I used my Super Hero telepathic ability which transported my aura right to him, where I thanked him profusely. I'm pretty sure he felt it too.

So my BF shows up and we go to his favorite watering hole, Porky's, it's basically on our way home. A large group of our friends are about to sit down to dinner with fellow Safari Club members and they invite us. Oh I couldn't possibly, I had the Parmesan Crusted Chicken today ...... Oh well, Okay I just won't eat. I'll have a glass of wine with you.

So, I'm at the table of 28 people and I look two people to my right - and there is, in the flesh, Chuck Yeager. I know, I'm stunned. He's the fastest man alive and he's sitting still, almost right next to me. After everyone is full of red meat and wine, Mr. Yeager stands up and starts talking.

I'm thinking hey we're shooting the shit with Chuck Yeager. So I pipe in and we all get a big laugh - then he looks at me and says, "Do you want to speak?" Oops, I think I was just reprimanded (for the sake of the story, I'm saying he yelled at me). I thought well, I guess you should probably have the floor Mr. Yeager, being that you're already standing and all.

So everyone is hanging on his every word when he's talking about, I don't know, breaking some sound barrier and shooting planes down. All the while I feel like the little kid in church who is looking all around as everyone else has their heads down in prayer. I'm looking for anything, a bug to squish, anything.

I want to take him aside and say Chuckie. Oh yeah by now we have pet names for each other. He calls me Mouthy Cow. It's so sweet, because he's from Texas where I'm pretty sure cows are sacred - so I was just feeling the love.

Anyway, I want to say let's hear about some really cool stuff, like the movie "The Right Stuff." Or how that Barbara Hershey chick is now a drug addict or how Sam Shepard got a D.U.I. I mean, give me something.

He actually apologized for getting on me, and his wife told me he never apologizes to anyone. I can't be sure, but I'm almost certain my Super Hero powers forced that apology.

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