Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's a new Day

So after experiencing Disney's Tower of Terror in the dressing room yesterday, I spiked my workout up a notch. 30 minutes with the trainer; 30 minutes on the stairs (3 miles) and 15 minutes on the treadmill (1 mile). So during this process I rid myself of so much fluid, that I created an all new atmospheric condition in the aerobic room.

People with straight hair were actually walking out with Jheri curls. I kid you not. This was a brutal day. A day I asked myself, wouldn't it be easier to just EAT a lot less? By the way - I would never ask myself, wouldn't it be easier to just quit drinking Champagne and wine? That would be a felony stupid question. Nothing is easier without libations. Nothing!

I tried my turn at Macy's again to get the perfect gift for mom. As I was looking at the G-strings in the lingerie section (not for my mom)- please remember I have a bit of a distraction problem. So, anyway I hear this booming voice, "Mam?" I ignore it, then "Mam?" again. I turn around thinking - OMG is this about that damn mirror?

So it's this sweet cowboy holding up a robe on a hangar, and I say well thank you that is so thoughtful. How did you know I needed a new plushy black robe? He smiled and said, "how tall are you?" So my response is "Oh, so are you Prince Charming, except it's a robe rather than a slipper?" "I'm afraid I can save you the trouble - I'm not your Cinderella, I'm sure."

This man is relentless. Apparently he's buying a robe for his wife and I looked to be her height, which is 5'6". I didn't have the heart to tell him I had heels on, therefore his scientific sizing might be off a little. Anyway, I tried the robe on, it fit, and he turned on his heel with a thank you and purchased it just like that.

Since he's so efficient at purchasing for others, I wanted to tap him on the shoulder and see if he could pick something out for my mother.


  1. Hey there Super Hero!

    Alice told me about your blog so I had to check it out! It was great to meet you at the Infirmary and hopefully we'll meet again sometime in Reno! Keep on bloggin!

  2. Hey thanks for checking in. I'm glad you guys had a great time in Northern Nevada and Calif. Look forward to more visits.

  3. Did cowboy have a chew in? If so, you are a saint for acknowledging him. (Yes, I do remember Reno)

    Betty loved meeting you. I think The Infirmary is going to become one of our regular stopping points.