Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Picking myself up and dusting myself off.

Okay, after two days in Vegas I woke up with the nagging feeling I must go to the gym. So I throw some cereal on the counter for the kids, squeeze into the leotard (not really, I don't even own a leotard) it just sounded funny. Although a certain Senator in our state has been spotted wearing such a contraption to the gym.

I pull off a miracle with 22 minutes on the stairmaster. You really have to ease yourself back into this routine to avoid injury - I'm sure I've read that some where. I then went the distance with 22 minutes in the weight room. I had no time left. I had to get showered and to my next appointment, LUNCH.

I had a Mercury Salad, oh that's Ahi Tuna in civilian speak. Apparently Super Heros bulk up on toxins to create an immunity against any type of warfare that can be thrown at them. Tomorrow is kryptonite consumption day. I can't actually tell you what foods contain kryptonite - it's a family secret.

So after lunch I run into Macy's with the ambitious goal of finding a fabulous birthday present for my mother. I head straight upstairs to the petite section, because my mother is a Cupie doll. I'm searching for petite Ralph Lauren when I notice bathing suits.

Well I've been working on my Super Hero self for at least 5 days now, why not celebrate in all the glory of me in a bathing suit. Off to the dressing room I go. I'm going to have to send a letter of apology and a nice size check to Macy's for the mishap with the mirror.

Okay so where is that Ralph Lauren section? I'm diligently searching and hoping no one is following me from the "Why did you think you could wear a bathing suit" section, when I hear.... Sean.. Sean.. No. I'm thinking. No! No more distractions - must get mom a present.

It's that damn Calvin Klein. He's sure he has the perfect dress for me in the formal section. But Calvin I'm here on a mission. My mother's birthday is Sunday - Ooooh.. that is a beautiful jewel-toned red dress. Okay, quickly I will try it on. What's that? Oh it's on sale - 45 dollars you say? My mother couldn't live with herself if she knew I missed out on such a deal. I'm happy to report, the mirrors in the dress section are still in perfect condition.


  1. Dressing room mirrors are all evil. I hate them all regardless of what I'm trying on. I prefer to imagine what I look like from behind instead of confrontation with the truth. I think those mirrors are big fat liars anyway.

    Hey, you may get some traffic from my blog because I posted a link to your blog today. If someone says "Alice" or "AkaAlice" sent me, you know it's me...right?

  2. I posted the link on my blog (duh...but you knew that right...I wasn't just posting links to your blog all over the internets...I've got more class than THAT!)

  3. Well thanks. Not that anyone is going to learn anything from mine, except that there are a million of us out there that are just alike.