Sunday, January 31, 2010

How can it be?

At the advice of my non-medically educated friend Robin, I took the last two days off from work outs (actually she only suggested the one day), but I felt compelled to take her advice to a higher level. Everything I do is one notch up - it's the Super Hero in me I think.

I made up for it today by 38 minutes, yeah, that's right, count 'em, thirty-eight on the stairmaster and twenty-two on the treadmill. Math, not my subject, but I can add to 60. I haven't done 60 minutes of cardio since the Carter Administration.

I might have pushed myself a little harder, because I went to a boxing match with my BF on Friday night. We were ringside which is where I ran into MY trainer. I introduced my BF to Dietrich, at which point Dietrich informed us he has trained a couple of the Ring Card girls there that night. I'm sure you know where this is going.

So at each and every round I'm (ringside, mind you) subjected to these androidian products of Dietrich, that is if androidian is even a word. I look up at them, I look back down at myself, I look back up at them, then back at myself. At which point I'm starting to think - I'm not sure I see a resemblance. I want to find Dietrich and ask, "How much do they pay you?" Cuz when I look at them, I'm not feeling like I'm looking in a mirror.

Clearly there is some mixup here. Doesn't he understand I'm training to be a Super Hero? I mean, how much more money does he need? I think I've already paid him enough to buy a small condo, okay or maybe a scooter. I'm not really sure.


  1. I was medically educated -- in psychology! Keep up the good fight! For Halloween, you'll be ready for a WonderWoman costume.

  2. So psychologically speaking, I needed the time off. I'm good with that.

  3. I know there's a mix-up. I wonder the same thing with my sport's PT, me and what some of his clients look like. I mean, come on! What gives?

  4. Well Irene, apparently age and genetics has something to do with it - according to my trainer. Puuuhhhlease.