Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day One to Super Herodom

I am a 48-year-old single mother of a girlie Tween; and I am a full-time lobbyist in the state of Nevada (hey at least I'm not a hooker). I have been someone who works out enough to get by and eat just good enough to never make a difference. I work out a few times a month with a personal trainer, and although I see some changes in muscle tone, my clothes fit the same as they did last year and the year before - oh hell, probably the same a eight years ago. Who am I kidding?

I finally had a stellar idea, I'll become an actress who is being sought after to play a Super Heroine, and she's somewhere around the age of, um - 48. With this, I have motivation to work harder and eat better, because for the role - I will receive a couple of million dollars. Yes. That's it - I'm going to be a Super Hero. I can't wait to read the script. I've got to get an agent, stat.

Okay, so when I snapped back into reality, I realized what I really need is to be held accountable by others in my narcissistic attempt at a better swim suit body. So with this blog, I'm going to reveal every detail of my food intake, exercise regiment and I will even give up the big, bad ugly truth of all my failures throughout. Stayed tuned - there will be many.

So my goal is to have a Super Hero-ish stature by April, when I will be going to Cabo with a group of women, yes, women. The most judgmental creatures to inhabit the earth. This is who I'm doing this for. Certainly not a man, because from my years of experience - men aren't really that picky about who they sleep with - but women - they are vicious. Not that I'll be sleeping with any of these women, mind you.

I'm new to this, so I'm not sure how often I will be on with updates, etc. So here it goes.

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