Thursday, January 21, 2010

Still Day One

Okay, so far today I've eaten 320 calories and burned 532. See, this blog is already helping me push harder. I have to admit though, during the 30 minutes on the stairmaster- I got off twice - asked where the nearest plastic surgeon was - then hoisted myself back up in a fit of crying.

No one at the gym pays attention to me. As a matter of fact, they move away from my space. Extra humiliation hit when I was atop the stairs, climbing to the pearly gates - my BF walks in. Now, I must explain that I am a sweater - when I say sweat I mean - I was donning the just dumped a bucket of water on me like I'm in a wet T-shirt contest look, but without the glamorous hair part. If he can love me after this, he's a stronger man than most.

My friends have asked why I started this blog. I think its pretty clear that public humiliation is a great motivator for me.

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