Monday, January 25, 2010

Las Vegas Debauchery

I have been remiss in blogging due to taking on the persona of someone who isn't training to be a Super Hero. Yes, two days in Vegas does not a Super Hero make. As a matter of fact, at the writing of this blog my brain still can't catch up with my physical self.

Upon my arrival at Simons, a big beautiful Mimosa sat upon a pedestal before me. I swear there was an Angelic glow hovering over it. The glass was so rich and inviting with little beads of sweat - as if there was concern I might reject it. I took pity and swilled that nectar before we sat down; and then the other 5 that followed - never had to sweat.

I devoured sushi, an egg white Frittata, boiled shrimp; and I scraped my teeth across the end of a candy bar. I did avoid any items from the "White Trash" portion of the menu. However my co-conspirators rolled their sleeves up like champions and took on the pigs in a blanket; and waffles and fried chicken. If anyone was looking, they may have seen me rubbing a tiny portion of the chicken all over myself. I know, sorry for the visual.

My cardio for the day was sauntering through the airport; I think I entered and exited an automobile about 8 times; walked into two clothing stores and a grocery store twice. The grocery store needed extra attention, because I suddenly created a habit of buying multiple bottles of wine just for the sheer pleasure of bouncing them on the concrete. Although this seemed to be a great pleasure for me, the humor was lost on those who actually wanted to imbibe. But, back to my point, I was really burning the calories.

Dinner included wine, 5 bites of pork, really super scrumptious pork, and some nibbles of to-die-for BREAD. I love bread, I never eat bread - I ate bread people. So I'm going to just go ahead and round that calorie count up to about 9000 for the day. I might have had a small set-back. I think my arch nemesis sent radioactive evil thingies into the reasoning portion of my brain. Or I could just blame it on the ah-ah ah-ah ah-al-co-hol.

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